Glowstone Smart mug 2: Classic White


The world’s first fine bone china self-heating smart mug has been upgraded, with the ability to keep your drink hot for longer. The Glowstone Smart Mug 2 is wirelessly charged, making it dishwasher safe, as well as keeping your tea or coffee perfectly hot for an extra hour. The elegant fine bone china mug starts to glow when the mug is working, with drinks being kept at their optimal temperature of around 62 degrees Celsius (145 degrees Fahrenheit).

Product Details:

— High Grade Fine Bone China
— Dishwasher Safe
— Battery Life: 1 Hour continuous heat cycle
— Fully Automatic Heating System in The Base
— Light Bar Indicator for Ideal Drinking Temperature
— Maintains Temperatures Between 140°F – 150°F (60°C – 65°C)
— Holds Up To 12.5 fl oz (370 ml)
— 105mm x 80mm (heating cavity depth 23mm)
— Weight: 350g
— Charge Time: 4 Hours
— Includes Qi Wireless Charging Base, USB Cable, & Power Adapter
— Built-In Battery Lifetime: 4000-6000 Recharges
— Scratch and Stain Resistant
— Warranty: Manufacturer’s 1 Year

UK, EU, & US charging adaptors provided depending on your location.

Delivery available worldwide.
UK/EU/Global Delivery: 3-5 days’


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The quality of the Glowstone
mug is remarkable.

Denis Delic, Germany

This mug is everything that
was promised and more.

Richard Allen, United Kingdom

It is a beautiful mug, feels nice in the hand, handle fits my hand perfectly, and it's lightweight. I also like the look of the charging base. Very Nicely Designed.

Gina Bovara, USA

All and All, I love my mug, and the only improvement I can think of is to get another so that i can give one to my boyfriend

Carmen Lowe, Canada

Not everything in life should have an app. The Glowstone mug is ingenious in itself. Thanks for bringing this to life!

Edon Van Hees, Netherlands

This mug is perfect I would
not change anything!

Alojzij sinur, Slovenia

I have to say that
I love this product.

Steven TO, England

Glowstone Smart Mug - How to Use.

There's a reason the Glowstone heated smart mug maintains the perfect drinking temperature for your hot drink, time and time again. We're proud to only ever build reliable, durable and exceptionally high-quality products and our mug's consistent delivery and finish is a testament to our ongoing commitment to quality.



Experiments show the optimum drinking temperature for tea and coffee is 60°C to 65°C. Our patented Glowstone Core Technology waits for your drink to reach this perfect drinking temperature and automatically maintains such perfection for an extra hour.

As seen in

“Glowstone have created a mug that delivers a scientifically perfect cup of tea, time and time again.”



Your hot drink deserves a mug that automatically delivers and maintains perfect drinking temperature and perfect taste. Handcrafted in England from fine bone China, The Glowstone smart mug automatically keeps your beverage at the perfect drinking temperature of 60°C to 65°C. Extend your drinking experience, stir the senses, immerse yourself in the perfect drinking experience.


Founded by our lead engineer Thomas Gostelow, Glowstone uses the latest advances in smart and connected technology to optimise our experiences with everyday products to make life more convenient for everyone. Our flagship product is the Glowstone heated smart mug, but this is just the first step.

We’re on a mission to optimise everyday products across all walks of life. Our patented Glowstone Core Technology is reinventing the way the world works, and it’s through this commitment to global improvement that we create value for our investors, our customers and society.


There’s real science to creating a mug that delivers perfect tea and coffee, and we’ve spent two years developing the perfect solution.

Research proves tea and coffee taste better at 60°C to 65°C, and fine bone china is proven to deliver better tasting tea and coffee. Glowstone’s smart mug effortlessly delivers the optimum drinking temperature, optimum taste, and optimum delivery for your tea and coffee right down to the last sip.