Glowstone Smart Mug: Classic Stone


Perfect temperature, perfect taste.

The Glowstone smart mug keeps your drink perfectly hot for an hour in a fine bone china mug, giving you the ultimate drinking experience. This high-quality dishwasher safe, self-heating smart mug automatically turns on at the perfect drinking temperature of 62 degrees Celsius/140F. It then turns off when it detects it’s empty.

Designed to last a lifetime and be easy to clean, all the components and batteries are sealed inside the mug, so there is no opportunity for damage or dirt to get inside, your drink will be kept perfectly hot wherever you go. Everything about this mug has been designed for your convenience. The supplied wireless charger will even charge your phone.

Fine bone china is proven to make tea and coffee taste better. It does not absorb the natural tannins found in tea and coffee which means you get a full flavoured drink. Your tea or coffee will never taste as good as from a Glowstone smart mug.

All mugs come supplied with a wireless charging plate, which can be used to charge most mobile phone devices, a tangle-free USB cable and the UK/US/EU plug adaptor (depending where you order from).


Product Details:

—English Fine Bone China

— Dishwasher Safe

— Battery Life: 1 Hour continuous heat cycle

— Fully Automatic Heating System, turns off after last sip

— Light Bar Indicator for Ideal Drinking Temperature

— Maintains Optimum Temperature at 145°F (65°C)

— Holds Up To 12.5 fl oz (370 ml)

— 105mm x 80mm (heating cavity depth 23mm)

— Weight: 350g

— Includes Qi Wireless Charging Base, USB Cable, & Power Adapter

— Built-In Battery Lifetime: 4000-6000 Recharges

— Scratch and Stain Resistant

— Warranty: Manufacturer’s 1 Year

UK, EU, & US charging adaptors provided depending on your location.