My mug is on the charging base but it didn’t flash 3 times?

If your mug hasn’t flashed 3 times it is not charging. Please pick up the mug and place it back on the base until you see it flash 3 times.

Can I leave my mug on the charging base for longer than 5 hours?

Yes, your Glowstone charging base will turn off when your mug is fully charged so don’t worry about leaving it charging overnight or while you’re out of the house.

Can I put my Glowstone mug in the microwave?

No. Putting your Glowstone mug in the microwave will damage it beyond repair. Please just rely on the mug’s own heating technology.

My mug didn’t turn off at the last sip?

To turn off, your mug needs to be empty. Make sure you’ve had your last sip. If the mug still hasn’t turned it off just turn it upside down or place it back on your charging base.

What do the flashing lights on the mug mean?

 • Flash 3 times: Your mug is on the charging base and charging. 

• Flash twice: Your mug has seen your hot drink.

• Flash once: Your drink is hot enough to make the mug turn on at its optimum temperature.

• Flash 4 times before light bar stays on: Your drink wasn’t hot enough to be heated at its optimum temperature.

• Glow continuously: Your drink is being heated by your smart mug.

• Flash 5 times: Your mug has detected the mug is empty and will turn off.

• Flash 8 times: Your batteries have run out of charge. Please place back on its charging mat.

If your mug does not flash when placed on the charging base, the batteries are completely empty. If this happens, leave to charge for at least 30 minutes before attempting to make the mug flash again.

How do I use my Glowstone mug?

Follow these simple steps to start using your Glowstone mug. If you need any further information please take a look at the more detailed Glowstone Instruction Manual included in the box.

STEP 1: Simply pour your hot water or beverage from your kettle, teapot or coffee machine into your mug, as you normally would. 

STEP 2: Your mug will let you know it has detected your drink by flashing twice. 

STEP 3: Once your drink has dropped back down to the perfect drinking temperature, the Glowstone light bar will appear. If your mug starts flashing just before this, it’s letting you know that your drink wasn’t hot enough to make the mug turn on at its ideal drinking temperature. This can sometimes happen if you use a coffee machine for example.  

STEP 4:  Enjoy your perfectly hot drink, at your leisure. 

STEP 5: 

The mug will automatically turn off 

• When it detects your last sip 

• After 30 minutes 

• When placed on the Glowstone charging base 

• When turned upside down 

• When it has no more battery power 

STEP 6: Place your mug in the centre of the supplied charging base. A blue light will appear on the base when it detects the mug. The mug will then flash 3 times to indicate it has successfully connected to the charging base, and begin charging. 



Any other questions?

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