Glowstone Flashlight Bike Pack


Our BBC award winning Bike Pack is the perfect companion for those on two wheels. With the Glowstone Flashlight you can be sure to always be seen, and always know what’s in front of you.

Built to survive all conditions, no matter where you’re riding.

The Glowstone Flashlight provides hands-free lighting in a pocket-sized rubber block that’s just ½” thick and smaller than a credit card.

It outputs 900 lumens of ultra-clean light (5600k) and has up to 60 hours of lighting power.

Housed in a tough silicone body, it is waterproof, dust-proof and gas-proof. With it’s stiff metal spine and composite construction, this flashlight is as tough as it is bright.

The supplied wireless charger is also able to charge most modern mobile devices.


What’s included?

  • 2× Glowstone Flashlight

  • 2× Nanosuction pad

  • Qi wireless charging pad & USB cable

  • 2× Flashlight Bracket

  • 2x Screws

  • 2× Bicycle mount

  • Helmet slider & rail

  • Helmet strap

  • Belt clip

  • Arm Strap

  • Red filter


  • 60 hours battery life

  • 75 grams, 68mm x 51mm x 13mm (2.7” x 2” x 0.5”)

  • Waterproof. Submersible to 30 Metres

  • 11 different light/ strobe modes inc. charge level indication

  • Integrated Lith-Ion battery good for 4000-6000 recharges

  • Lights everything in front of it – 180-degree light spread

  • 2 hrs charge time – wireless charging only

  • Mountable to any Go-Pro™ accessory (with flashlight bracket)

Built to survive extreme conditions

  • Shock/ Impact proof – K10 on side, K9 on front face

  • Homogeneous soft silicone outer, stiff metal spine

  • ATEX-rated construction

  • IP69K – No high pressure, high temp water or dust ingress

  • Operates between 55 degrees to -20 degrees

Professional Photography light output

  • 900 lumens (brighter than a 60-watt bulb)

  • CRI ≥ 95 (accurately reproduces the colours of the illuminated object)

  • 5600K Colour temperature – Daylight noon colour

  • 30 Surface mount LED Panel – ultra-clean light output with no halos or hotspots

  • 1 Year Warranty

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Charcoal Grey, Arctic White