Flashlight Update

Note – It’s come to our attention that not all of our customers have been reading the progress emails we’ve been sending in regards to Flashlight orders. We want to do better and make sure you are all informed. For those that missed it, here is our most recent update:


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to update you all with the flashlight production and the status of your orders – it’s getting quite close to Christmas and I’m sure that some of you are getting anxious about whether it will arrive in time, especially those that have bought them as presents.  

Simply put, I have more orders than I am able to ship before Christmas. Since my last update, I have doubled my assembly staff and asked 2 companies to help me with the build but I still worry that I won’t have enough stock in time to ship and I don’t want to add any stress to anyone’s Christmas, especially considering what a year we’ve all had. 

Therefore, I’m going to do the following. Anyone that has already been given a specific delivery date will receive their orders before Christmas. For anyone that hasn’t and are able to wait until January for their wonderful lights, we will upgrade your pack to the next one up. So, for example, if you ordered the charger and light pack, this will be upgraded to the essentials pack (which comes with our tripod handle, head strap, arm strap etc). Those that have ordered the top pack – the pro-pack – will be given an extra flashlight free of charge. This is on top of the free pouch and other accessories we are already including.  

I may still get enough stock from the companies that are helping with the build, in time to ship to you before Christmas, but I don’t want to rely on this and risk your Christmas, so I’m provisioning for them not delivering now so that you can do the same.  

If it’s important for you to have your order before Christmas, please let me know and I will still arrange this if I can. I’m getting an enormous amount of emails at the moment, more than I can reply to so if you don’t get an instant reply, don’t worry, just phone me after midday on 0161 646 0146 and I will either answer or phone you back. I actually love speaking to you on the phone, you are all so lovely and warm and encouraging, it makes me forget the struggle temporarily. 

To have your order upgraded, you don’t have to do anything, we will do it automatically to all orders that we don’t ship before Christmas.  

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and support. The reaction from those receiving their flashlights continues to be very positive and I can’t wait to sell this product to the wider world once I have fulfilled your orders. Britain is known for its innovation and I will be proud to sell this British invention globally next year.  

If I don’t speak to you before, have a lovely Christmas! 

Many thanks,